Quality assurance

Our company monitors all the stages of the production process in cooperation with the oil producers and all those involved in the production of a top quality olive oil.
We conduct thorough controls over the process of fruit maturation and harvest with regular on-the-spot inspections of the olive groves. We also implement practices within the framework of an integrated system of Agricultural Production management and we are present during the production and standardization of the olive oil.
All the above have led us to the production of a unique type of olive oil with a 0.38 (max 0.8) acidity, with Kfactors rising to 0.13 (max 0.22) for K268 and 1.67 (max 2.50) for K232. Furthermore, as far as the organoleptic features of November Fruits, they are rated as follows: Fruity 4.0, Bitter 2.8,, Spicy 3.5. All three features are below the limits required by the Official Gourmet Connoisseurs of olive oil in order to label an extra virgin olive oil as PREMIUM QUALITY.
(All the rates mentioned above are stated in the most recent Test Certificate of our olive oil which was issued on 2/4/2015 with the Certification Number: 49838).
On the whole, in order for our olive oil to arrive at your table, it has gone through all stages of quality control which are determined by ISO 22.000:2005 procedures as well as Management Certifications according to AGRO 2-1 & AGRO 2-2 standards, while its origin (Lakonia) is certified by AGROCERT, which is the proper authority for the certification of agricultural products.

Please find below the most important of the certifications which concern our Extra Virgin olive oil.

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