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Aiming at becoming the ambassadors of a dreamland, we have created this company, using ingredients that abound in our country: passion, experience, flavours. These are only a few, that nature, but also history have lavishly offered this land that the world calls GREECE. But we just call it “Our home…”

Thus, all products of ELIXIRFLAVOURS contain all those elements that represent our home and which we would like you to get to know as well. After all, you are worth it...


After years of hard work with our land, management and artistry, we have put our experience together, in order to create products which reflect the producer’s experience but in a modern way and touch. In this way the results cover the high standards that we, above all, have set.

George, Helen and Tania gave their know-how to special products, the Greek Olive Oil definitely deserves a place on your table.


I am a fruit! Olive oil is produced from the fruit of the olive oil tree, which is actually a fruit!Fresh, pure, juicy, without any other additives, it does what we all know: it has been a natural elixir of life, for thousands of years, famous all over the world for its quality, and a point of reference for the Mediterranean Diet.

Its unique nutritional value as well as the combination of local tastes with olive oil in this part of the world, create a diet of unique nutritional value, making every meal a feast of flavours.



This olive juice is collected by hand and produced strictly and only by mechanical methods of gentle processing and at temperatures below 25oC, without any chemical treatment so that all its organoleptic characteristics remain unchanged. The intense fruity taste of the green-yellow extra virgin olive oil is packed in glass packages of 500ml (16.9 oz) and 100ml, with flow regulator and then placed in a box, to protect it from light, which would otherwise affect its quality.

A Premium content, such as November Fruits olive oil, could only be worthy of a Premium ... treatment (packaging)!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Thrace combined with beech and oak aromas, the smoked olive oil "November Fruits Smoked" is a special product, which came to enhance your recipes and turn any food into "smoked".

Use it raw in salads, fish, meat, dressings, marinades and in any other preparation you want to give the taste of smoked ...
Packaging: 250ml glass bottle

Liquid Gold

Olive oil from a variety of Laconia, with edible gold flakes of 24 carats, acidity 0.2-0.4%. The addition of gold is done during the bottling process. The edible gold in olive oil comes from a certified laboratory abroad, which guarantees the suitability and edibility of gold for food.

The addition of gold to olive oil, in addition to the excellent final visual effect, offers a number of beneficial properties and benefits to the human body in combination with the beneficial properties of olive oil. Packaged in glass luxurious 500ml and 100ml bottles.


Extra virgin olive oil, low acidity, variety Koroneiki with Athinolia, from early harvest olives from Laconia, an agricultural area that is well known for the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

DORICA bottle 500ml
DORICA bottle 250ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Laconia

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from Laconia, in tinplate packaging, certified for food, ideal as packaging for olive oil, due to its sensitivity to external factors. The quality of the oil, such as acidity and peroxides, as well as its organoleptic characteristics, such as its taste, color and aroma, are maintained for a long time unchanged while maintaining their nutritional value.

The packages are bottled without mechanical means, in order to reduce the oxidation.
Available in packages of 250ml, 500ml, 1lt, 1,5lt and 5lt.

Extra Virgin Olive Makris Evros

Extra virgin olive oil from the area of ​​Makri Evros, fruity, medium intensity aroma and taste slightly bitter and spicy.
Its aromatic profile includes aromatic herbs, characteristic marigold scent, spicy notes and apple peel aroma.
A unique combination for years of the local olive variety of the Makri region. (for now we add it only in Greek)

DORICA bottle 500ml

Olive Oil from Co-Pressed Olives and Lemons

The beloved sweet mandarin is a winter citrus fruit that is abundant in Greece, therefore the culinary imagination has placed it on our daily dining table. The fruits of November, the olives, are pressed together with fresh Greek Mandarins. The juice of the olives and the essential oils of the mandarin peel blend harmonically and offer a fragrant olive oil. Enjoy an unforgettable refreshing, spicy and slightly bitter as well as a sweet and tangy taste! Served raw at light dishes and salads or as a bread dipping. Ιdeal for dressings, marinades, grilled and cooked plates, but also for pastry, aperitifs and cocktails. It offers endless options to add flavor and fruity taste to every culinary creation of epicurean and natural cooking lovers!

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fresh Lemons
Package : glass bottle 250ml

Co-Pressed Olives and Mandarins

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from Laconia, in tinplate packaging, certified for food, ideal as packaging for olive oil, due to its sensitivity to external factors. The quality of the oil, such as acidity and peroxides, as well as its organoleptic characteristics, such as its taste, color and aroma, are maintained for a long time unchanged while maintaining their nutritional value.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fresh Mandarins.



In the southest tip of Peloponnese, Lakonia has been inhabited since the prehistoric times. Who doesn’t know the ancient Spartans with their glorious history, who were brought up in a mountainous landscape full of contrasts.

Precisely these contrasts make an ideal microclimate for the thriving of the olive trees and the production of highly nutritious, but tasty and unique features, all concentrated in the juice of November Fruits.


With a historically recorded presence of humans in Greece since the Stone Age, the history of this place is itself a large capital of Human History.

The temperate climate is one of the main reasons for this timelessness. The long presence of Greeks in this land has given them the ability to learn the secrets and be able to produce products of unique quality and variety, a minimum sample of which is our line of November Fruits.


In this Dreamland (our home), the cultivation of the olive tree goes back to 4.000 B.C. What else can be said about these fruits, when nature and history have already said all we need to know. In November Fruits we use juices from Koroneiki and Athinolia varieties. Koroneiki is the top quality olive oil in the world for the production of high quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil while Athinolia is famous for its special and unique flavour.



Olive oil, the “Liquid Gold” as Homer used to call it, contains a high percentage of vitamin E , phenols and anti-oxidant substances which are assimilated by the human organism to a great extent.

It is a common secret and scientifically proved that the high longevity of people living in areas with a high consumption of olive oil, is largely due to this habit, as a key component of their Mediterranean Diet.


The fruits are collected in mid autumn from the varieties of Koroneiki and Athinolia, which are grown with care in areas of Krokees and Molai, Lakonia.

Within 24 hours the juice is already stored and after the necessary space for straining, it is transferred to bottles, ready for you to savor flavours from our home, to yours!


Our company monitors all the stages of the production process in cooperation with the oil producers and all those involved in the production of a top quality olive oil. We conduct thorough controls over the process of fruit maturation and harvest with regular on-the-spot inspections of the olive groves. We also implement practices within the framework of an integrated system of Agricultural Production management and we are present during the production and standardization of the ... More

Olive oil:

a natural elixir of life

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